Heart Disease

Hospice Eligibility Criteria

Heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart doesn’t pump blood as it should. Nearly 5 million Americans are affected by heart failure.

Hospice Criteria for Heart Disease:

  1. Palliative Performance Score (PPS) ≤ 70% (see table below)

  2. Dependence on assistance for 2 or more activities of daily living (e.g. feeding, transferring, ambulation, bathing, continence, dressing)

  3. At the time of hospice certification or re-certification for hospice:

    • Patient is or has been already optimally treated for heart disease

    • Patient is not a candidate for surgical procedures

    • Patient declines surgical interventions

  4. Patient is frequently bed or chair-ridden for most of the day and is too weak and short of breath to do simple activities.

If you are or know a patient with heart disease that could benefit from hospice, call Appalachian Hospice and Home Health Services at 606-432-2112 or 606-789-3841 to learn how we can provide quality, compassionate care to you, your patient, or your loved one.

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